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Teacher Achievers

1) Incentive Awards :-

Kendriya Vidyalya Sangathan -Jabalpur Region has organised Regional Incentive Award -2015 distribution on 14-Feb-2015 in which four teachers of Kendriya Vidyalaya Ambajhari 1) Sh R N Mohker-I/c Principal  2) Sh Ajay Nasare-HM 3) Sh J K Ramteke -TGT-Sci. 4) Sh. D J Gajbhiye - TGT-Eng have received Regional Incentive Awards.


Hats Off to Our Teachers !!!


By: Mr. Ajit Meshram (PRT)

KV OF Ambajhari, Nagpur

It is truly an honour to have been given the opportunity to visit Japan- ‘The Land of Rising Sun’ through the 2014 JICA Youth Training Programme.

I found in Japan, nurtured by myth and tradition, warm-hearted, polite, punctual, patriotic and disciplined people who inherited its culture throughout the gentle passing of perpetual history. It is one of the greatest countries with magnificent landscapes created by Mother Nature.

The training programme was scheduled to have been conducted from Nov. 16th to Dec 3, 2014 in Japan by JICA. A group of 15 teachers including 11 PRTs from KVS and 4 Tamilnadu state government teachers were selected to attend the programme.

A pre-departure orientation programme was conducted from Nov 12 to Nov 14, 2014 in New Delhi where briefing about the programme was presented.

On Nov 15, 2014, we boarded Japan Airlines Flight at 8:30 PM and the next day we were in Japan, truly a fascinating Island with natural beauty all around. As soon as we landed in Narita Airport, Tokyo, the training commenced. I mean to say that observing people of Japan, their culture, behavior, honesty & simplicity itself was a training from which we really learnt a lot. The way people received us, touched my soul. The same day, we were taken to Hiroshima through domestic flight. I was astonished to see Hiroshima, a city that was completely demolished in 1945, stood up again and grew into one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

The poignant natural scenery, positive attitude of the people, law-abiding nature and love for the country mesmerized me. We stayed in Hiroshima for 3 days and got an opportunity to visit ‘Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park’. There we could feel the pain and plight of the people attacked by atomic bomb in 1945 and then their strong will power which made them to stand again strongly overcoming the problems. Through lectures, we came to know about the secret of success of Japan ie, reckoning a motto “One For All & All For One” . On Nov 19, 2014 we moved to Matsue, a capital city of Shimane prefecture where the rest of the training programme was to be carried on. The Federation of International Exchange Association of Shimane (FIEAS) took the charge to conduct the rest of the programme.

Under the training programme, we were explored to lectures by eminent personalities of the city, sightseeing tours visiting museums, parks, castles, gardens, Enjoying boating, visit to Superintendent of Education Board of Shimane Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture Education Center, visited CEO, I Communication  Co. LTD., Mature College of Technology, Shimane Nuclear Power Hall, three elementary and junior high schools, faculty of life and environmental science Shimane University and Izumo Science Center. Everywhere everything taught me something. During the visit to schools, we observed cleanliness as a part of the school activities where children clean the classrooms with ‘ Jhhadu Pochha’ lying flat on the floor and enjoying the work. Parents too support the teachers and the school. Students are given freedom to explore their creativity and imagination while teaching- learning activities. The schools are very well equipped with all kind of resources. Children are taken to Science Centers to gain concrete practical knowledge. We exchanged our ideas on the education system of both the countries, issues and solutions. We were fortunate enough to stay with local family to for two days to learn about their culture and tradition. Really, the people of Japan exhibit all the characteristics of a good human being. I appreciate their great thinking through which they want to contribute to their society and their country. At last on Dec 3, 2014 we started our back journey by bidding ‘Sayonara’ to Japan with the promise to cherish the golden moments captured during our stay and to inculcate the values in our children to make them good human beings and great citizens like Japanese .

I express my sincere gratitude from the core of my heart to Miss H. Sanhotra, Deputy Commissioner, KVSRO, Jabalpur and Mr. G.P. Chouhan, Assistant Commissioner, KVSRO, Jabalpur for their invaluable guidance and support to enlighten me.

I am privileged to express my heartfelt thanks to my Principal Mr. R. N. Mohkar and My H. M. Mr. Ajay Nasre who were the guiding force behind me and encouraged me to participate in the programme. In addition to this, I place on record my thankfulness for my staff members who were with me to support directly and indirectly.

A big thank to everyone. In Japanese Language ’Arihato Gojaimus’

PPT- Journey to Japan.



Felicitation Programme


Mr. Ajay Pandya (PGT Maths) receiving award for the Regional Incentive Award


Mrs. Nanda Patil (Music Teacher) receiving award for the Regional Incentive Award


KV Ambajhari has been rated as Outstanding in both the I and II Inspection as on 30.11.2009!

KV Ambajhari is one among 11 KVs all over India and one among the 2 schools of Bhopal Region to get this distinction!!!



Dr. Mrs. Mudaliar, PGT Hindi, won the second position in Kavya Path Pratiyogita conducted by Nagar Rajbhasha Samiti, Nagpur.



Felicitation Programme

Mr. Ajay Pandya (PGT Maths) receiving award for "The Best Teacher" from Senior General Manager of Ordnance Factory

A felicitation programme was held by "Sampurna Vikas Ekta Manch,Wadi" on 19th July, 2009. Shri. Anil Deshmukh and Shri. Bablu Gautam were the guests of honor. In this programme, they felicitated the meritorious students of class X and class XII of various schools.

Among them, the class X students of namely Siddharth Verma (97%), B. Hareesh Gautam (94.6%), Vivek Trivedi (94.6%) and Shrijeeta Dey (94%) and class XII students namely Tushar Apurv (92.2%), Parul Jain (92.2%) and Pooja Mamdiwar (87%) were also felicitated.

Our Vidyalaya was honored by titled "Best School" and Mr. Ajay Pandya (PGT Maths) was also presented an award on being adjudged "The Best Teacher".

On 15th Aug. 2009 Senior General Manager of Ordnance Factory also awarded Mr. Ajay Pandya (PGT Maths) as  "The Best Teacher".



Narrative Competition

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  • Category:: Health and safety
  • Yoga - under 15
  • Coach : Mrs. Suchita Mate Kendriya Vidyalaya, OF Ambajhari,Nagpur
  • Team : Priya Satbhaya, Darshan Singh,  Ankita Singh & N. V. Pushpavalli


Student Space Scientist Programme

Special Mention

  • The project " Genetically modified food- Healthy or Hazardous"  under the lead coach Ms.Grace C.D., Principal

Good Effort

  • The project " Influence of media on society " under the lead coach Vice Principal, Mrs. S. Ghotekar

Congratulations to all the teachers who have achieved 100% pass

Teachers Designation Subjects Class Remarks
Mr. D.J.Gajbhiye TGT (Eng) Eng X
Dr. Mrs.S. Mudaliar PGT(Hindi) Hindi X
Mr. I. Bharti TGT(Hindi) Hindi X
Mrs. S. Patre TGT(Sans) Sanskrit X
Mr. S. Gaikwad TGT(Maths) Maths X
Mrs. Shantikumari PGT(Bio) Science X
Mrs. Vidya Bhagat PGT(Chem) Science X
Mr. H. G. Shende TGT(S. St.) S. Science X
Mr. Santosh S TGT(S. St.) S. Science X
Ms. Smitha PGT(Eng) Eng XII
Dr. Mrs. S. Mudaliar PGT(Hindi) Hindi XII
Mrs. S. Joshi PGT(Chem) Chem XII
Mr. U. C. Dutta PGT(Phy) Phy XII
Mr. R. Raut PGT(Hindi) Phy XII
Mr. A. Pandya PGT(Maths) Maths XII
Mr. A. Nagdeote PGT(Maths) Maths XII
Mrs. Vidya Bhagat PGT(Bio) Biology XII
Mrs. Tanima Das PGT(IP) IP XII
Mr. A. Chaturvedi PGT(Eco.) Economics XII
Mr. B.K. Pandey PGT(Com.) Accountancy XII