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Following innovative activities/session’s have been undertaken for the ameliorating standards of the students as well as making the teaching learning process effective, interesting and enable them for achieving basic concepts.

  1. Preparation of Worksheets by assigned topics.
  2. Puzzels session and Quiz session conducted in the classroom.
  3. Organized Seminars and Symposium sessions often times by dividing the students into various groups and recorded the data of the activities.
  4. Action Plan, Research, Survey based on burning topics/ an hazardous issue to generate awareness to cope up with the situations by dividing the students into groups by assigned the suitable topics.
  5. Learning by doing activities have been conducted in the classroom to generate their Scientific skills and attitude.
  6. Preparation of Working Models , Charts, Teaching aids and other necessary materials by the students under the able guidance of felicitator.
  7. Debate, group discussion, Dramatization have conducted time to time as per the needs of the students and the content too.